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Maybe the most powerful business tool


Have you ever had a meeting where you expected difficulties? This could be with clients, customers, relative’s or partners.

Have you ever had trouble seeing the way forward? You know the end result, but can’t see the process.

Generally if you expect an outcome, it will more than likely occur even if it is not what you really want. This can be changed by using visualisation techniques with positive expectations to help achieve positive outcomes.

The visualisation technique is to find a quiet place then imagine the outcome you want. Next imagine the process to get there.

Before you attend what could be a difficult meeting. Imagine the whole meeting playing out exactly how you want it to go- then go to the meeting. You will be surprised at the results.

Here are a couple of interesting articles I found online.


When to ask your Accountant for Advice ?


This is general advice. Specific advice must be sort to ensure it applies to your situation.

Business Sale or Purchase including Rental Properties.

  1. Cash flow forecasts are critical to ensure business survival. The purchase price will be tested using a cashflow model. If the price is too high the cashflow will not be sufficient.
  2. The agreement will have tax consequences for GST, Asset values, holiday pay and more.
  3. Business structure is best set up properly from day one, as changing a structure could be challenged by the IRD.
  4. Is the shareholding appropriate, and necessary agreements in place?

Any Real Estate Purchase

  1. There’s a new game in town called catch the other bugger out with GST. The GST laws on land transfers have been simplified so are now much more complicated. Be wary- be very wary.

Insurance review

  1. Ideally insurance decisions are made with the insurance advisor, lawyer and accountant, all informed.
  2. Every situation is different, but typically life cover is best going to your trust to protect against future relationships.
  3. Income protection is generally best going to your business to cover overheads. If it goes to you personally you may end up with inaccessible losses in your company.
  4. Key man insurance can save a business should you become incapacitated.
  5. Is ACC cover appropriate? Cover Plus Extra is the best option in 99% of cases, but you must arrange it.

Structure Review

  1. Does your structure take maximum advantage of interest deductions by keeping debt in your own name to a minimum?
  2. With the new property valuations there could be ways to restructure and transfer personal debt to the rental property by selling it to a new company.
  3. Are the bulk of shares in a trust for asset protection, and possible use of lower tax rates once Labour is re-elected.


  1. Although your accountant should probably not be used as your primary investment advisor, finally decisions should be reviewed before being signed off.
  2. It’s a jungle out there with plenty of very clever, devious people ready to lighten your pockets. Your accountant can apply some common sense and mathematics to your decision.
  3. Be wary of new property investment schemes, as they are starting up again, and many will not be much different to Blue Chip.

Buying a Motor Vehicle

  1. There is no one answer to cover every situation. Every case is different and needs careful analysis.
  2. We have a template to help with the decision.

Overseas Travel

  1. There are specific rules for tax deductibility of overseas travel. See your accountant before you make arrangements to get the best advantage.

Financial review

  1. Financial data should be reviewed with your accountant who can interpret the results.

Moving Overseas

  1. Special rules around Trusts
  2. Special rules for tax residence, especially permanent place of abode.
  3. NZ tax residence can be hard to break.

Children going on OE

  1. New rules on permanent place of abode, applies where children live at home before going overseas

Overseas Business

  1. There is not much required to have a permanent establishment overseas and be subject to the overseas country’s taxes.
  2. Watch with online businesses as the server location can be the place of business.

Financial Difficulties

  1. There are taxation options to help cash flow including time payment and tax pooling.
  2. Review of stock and debtors to ensure there is not cash unnecessarily tied up in these assets.
  3. Profitability assessment to ensure you are actually making money.
  4. Refinancing- debt consolidation to reduce interest costs


For the Greater Good

I think that in business, as in life generally, any interaction is best if it is for the greater good of both parties.

In business the best results are when both parties come away happy from a deal.

In this way enduring relationships can be forged, and relationships are the foundation of any business. People generally deal with others they like and feel comfortable with. The basis of BoB membership is to forge these relationships.

If business is approached with this intent, then the flow on to your personal life will be immense. Job satisfaction will bring relaxation and lower stress levels. General happiness can be achieved by conducting your business for the good of others as well as yourself

If you go into a deal with the intention that the outcome is for the greatest good of all, is a great way to start.